How Does the Nuvo Water System Work?


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The Nuvo water system works by using an FDA-approved chelation technology that traps the naturally occurring mineral ions into the chelating agent, CitraCharge. This prevents the hard-water-causing salts from adhering to the plumbing fixtures and other appliances.

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Hard water is typically caused by binding of mineral ions with one another. Nuvo water system treats hard water in two ways. First, the system chelates and isolates the calcium ions. Instead of binding to other ions, the calcium ions bind to the ring structure created by the chelating agent.

With the Nuvo water system’s chelating technique, the calcium ions get isolated and confined within the CitraCharge. Once this happens, the bound mineral cannot combine with other minerals to form scale. The CitraCharge formula causes the harmful minerals to stay apart in water and pass through without lodging into the metal surface of the pipe.

Second, the Nuvo water system reduces the measured pH value of the water. The water system includes citric acid, a weak organic acid that acts as a natural chelant and preservative. This active ingredient naturally lowers the alkalinity of water and helps maintain the pH value closer to the neutral range. This process significantly decreases the chances of scale formation.

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