What Makes a Nursery Modern?

Modern nurseries feature clean lines, bright nongender specific colors, and adaptable furnishings and decor that grow with the child. They make efficient use of space with versatile arrangements of furniture and accents that leave room for the imagination. Modern nurseries are designed with a child's needs in mind to encourage independence as the baby grows.

Interior decorators uses the term "modern" to describe schemes that focus on simplicity and function. In the nursery, the focus is on creating a backdrop that works throughout the baby's childhood or for subsequent children. Basic wall colors, flooring choices and straightforward geometric furniture with few embellishments work well. Accent pieces in bold colors add a sense of fun without being fussy. Modern designs avoid themes or character pieces, and focus on items that are adaptable as new interests develop.

Modern nurseries maintain a child-centered focus by including furniture that is easy for a child to use. Decorative items are child-friendly and located at heights where the child can easily enjoy them. Everything is childproof from the start to give the child a safe space in which he feels secure and at home.

Sustainability is another emphasis in modern design. Modern nurseries feature furniture that is adaptable. Cribs that convert to beds, changing tables that become desks and toy chests that function as benches get many years of use while reducing environmental impact and expense.