What Are Some Novel Ideas for Kids' Bedspreads?

Themed bedding to go with themed children's rooms is a popular decorating choice. Parents can get bedding that features patterns in a jungle theme, sea life, sports or other activities that kids enjoy.

When selecting the bedspreads for a kid's room parents should take the child's desires into account. In fact, this can be a great activity for both to participate in. Parents can get together with their kids to discuss a potential theme and colors for the bedding and also shop together for it.

Bedding colors may derive from the child's favorite color, dominate colors in the room or be influenced by theme choices. For instance, a sea life theme can feature blues, greens and grays. Another option is to change out bedding by the season. Parents can use rich orange, red, brown or gray shades for the Fall and switch these out with bright green and yellow in the Spring.

While choosing the bedspread, consider having fun with contrasting patterns and colors. The bedspread may be the dominate feature of the bed, but sheets in opposing or secondary colors can add depth and visual interest. The same goes for mixing up patterns, such as stripes and florals, as long as there is something to help tie them together visually. For instance, striped sheets and a floral bedspread can work well if they both borrow some of the same colors from one another in their patterns.