How Are Norfolk Island Pines Propagated?


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Successful propagation of Norfolk Island Pine involves several factors, such as proper sunlight, fertilizer and optimal growing conditions. These pines, like most conifers, are relatively hardy species. However, they need proper care as seedlings and young trees to ensure they grow healthy and strong and reach their maximal heights.

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Caring for Norfolk Island Pines presents the greatest challenge at the seed and young sapling stages. These trees may start their lives indoors or outside, although it is best to start them indoors where they are less vulnerable to harm from cold temperatures, sudden frosts, insects and other predators. These trees prefer bright and cool climates and thrive in temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees, enjoying slightly cooler temperatures at night.

These trees are quite versatile and will adapt to bright light or low-light conditions, although they prefer a mix of sun and shade. According to Purdue University, propagators should expose young pines to a few hours of direct sunlight each day. If light comes from a single direction, plants should be rotated a quarter-turn each week to keep them from tilting to one side or another. Growing plants should be few with formulated fertilizers and be placed in containers that provide adequate drainage.

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