What Are the Best Non-Lethal Ways to Keep Mice Out?

Non-lethal ways to keep mice outside include spraying the perimeter of the home with cat urine, planting peppermint near entryways and placing ultrasonic devices that repel rodents in cabinets and corners. Non-lethal mouse traps provide a safe alternative for catching mice in the home.

The smell of cat urine helps prevent mice from entering the home. Gather samples of cat urine from litter boxes or purchase urine from online retailers, nurseries or extermination companies. Spray the urine outside around common access points such as foundation cracks, doorways and windows.

Peppermint emits a smell that repels mice. Peppermint oil sprayed around access points or inside cabinets and kitchen pantries helps prevent mice from nesting. Plant peppermint in window boxes or in gardens during the spring and summer months.

Electronic devices that emit ultrasonic frequencies that only mice can hear help repel mice without causing the mice harm. Since people cannot hear these frequencies, place multiple devices at points of entry.

Maintaining a clean home by storing food containers in cabinets, and removing crumbs and other food particles from floors and countertops helps keep mice from nesting in kitchens and other food storage areas. Patching holes in walls, floors and foundations prevents mice from entering the home.