Are There Non-Lethal Methods for Removing Moles in Your Yard?


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There are several non-lethal methods for removing moles from the yard, including using repellents, chocolate lilies, garlic or live traps. One of the most effective and environmentally safe mole repellents is a mixture of 1 cup of castor oil, 2 tablespoons of dish soap and 1 gallon of water. Spray this repellent all over the yard and inside all the existing tunnels and exits every month to keep moles away.

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Are There Non-Lethal Methods for Removing Moles in Your Yard?
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Placing chocolate lilies or garlic cloves inside the tunnels and at the exits from them can also help to keep the moles from coming back to the property. Live traps are another thing that can help to get rid of moles without killing them. After a mole gets caught in the trap, take the animal away from his home, and let it go without hurting the animal. Place these traps only in active tunnels. To identify which tunnels are active, press down the soil that moles lifted in the yard.

The soil that has been pushed up again in the morning indicates that there is an active tunnel underneath. To set up the trap, place it at an exit from the tunnel and cover it so that the mole that gets caught can't get out of the trap. Lethal methods for removing moles include poisonous baits and deadly traps.

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