What Are Some Non-Biased Reviews of Laminate Flooring?


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Laminate flooring is a lower cost flooring option that can look just like higher cost flooring types, such as wood or bamboo. Overall, it is a quality flooring choice that lasts long and looks good.

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Because of the methods used to manufacture it, laminate flooring is available in a larger variety of patterns and natural looking designs than most other flooring types. Laminate flooring is stain resistant and easy to clean. It does not require special treatments to maintain its finish. Laminate flooring is one of the easiest floor types to install. Planks lock together without adhesive or nails. This also makes it easy to replace if planks do get damaged.

Laminate flooring is more resistant to wear than wood flooring, but while owners can refinish damaged wood, they must replace damaged laminate flooring. The surface of laminate flooring resists water, but large spills or prolonged wetness may damage the fiberboard core, resulting in needing to replace the flooring. Laminate flooring is harder than wood flooring, so is more resistant to dents, but also does not absorb sound as well as wood. Because of its better resistance to damage, laminate flooring is a more cost effective option than wood for highly trafficked floors.

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