Who Makes Noma Snowblowers?

Noma snow blowers were manufactured by the Murray company. Featuring a Briggs & Stratton small engine, the Noma name signified a particular Murray snowblower model.

During difficult financial times for Murray, Briggs & Stratton purchased the company and ceased production of the Noma snowblower. Murray manufactures lawn mowers, leaf blowers/vacuums and lawn trimmers.

Briggs & Stratton produces a variety of products including generators, cleaning systems, pressure washers and snowblowers. Within the snowblower category, Briggs & Stratton offers light-duty single-stage, light-duty two-stage, medium-duty two-stage, heavy-duty two-stage and professional-duty two-stage snowblowers. All feature the Briggs & Stratton engines that powered Murray's Noma snowblowers.