How Does a Ninja Ultra Kitchen System Compare to a Vitamix Blender?

How Does a Ninja Ultra Kitchen System Compare to a Vitamix Blender?

A NinjaUltra Kitchen System has some major disadvantages over a Vitamix blender but also has some notable strengths. While the two blenders are some of the most popular and most powerful appliances, they have glaring differences in operation.

In terms of blending versatility, the Vitamix blender has an outright advantage to its Ninja counterpart. While it mixes ingredients thoroughly to produce a consistent smoothie, the Ninja occasionally leaves chunks of unblended fruit or vegetables.

The sheer 11.8-amp power of Vitamix makes it ideal for making hot soups, ice cream, dough and even for mashing flax seeds and grains. To make it better, it has a seven-year warranty as of 2013, compared to the one-year warranty of the Ninja Ultra Kitchen System.

The Ninja blender uses a 6-prong removable blade, making it easy to clean. On the other hand, the Vitamix has a four-prong blade, which is part of the housing, and therefore cannot be detached. Additionally, the four blades are usually very sharp and may cause injuries during cleaning. In this regard, one is advised to use a brush instead of bare hands.

The other area that the Ninja blender wins is the pricing. While it retails for around $150, the Vitamix goes for approximately $450 as of 2015. Both blenders are dishwasher safe and come in variable speed controls.