What Are Some Nice Stained Glass Window Patterns?


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Stained glass transoms, sidelights and ornamental windows come in patterns to complement the architectural styles of classic and modern houses, from neo-Gothic to art nouveau to Arts and Crafts to Tiffany. Choose from ornately swirling designs to geometric blocks of color to evocative compass roses for a decor accent that sends beams of colored light spilling into the home by day and a richly glowing rainbow to the outside world at night.

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Gothic stained glass showed religious figures and scenes in large church windows, often arched. Gothic revival windows mimic this style but may feature secular subjects. A rose window is an intricately patterned symmetrical round commonly located over the main doors or behind the altars of Gothic cathedrals. Classic rose windows depict religious tableaux. Modern rose windows tend to be abstract with nautical influences.

Victorian domestic stained glass is figured with birds and flowers, simple multicolor designs edged in monochromatic frames of colored glass. Tiffany glass typifies art nouveau style with leading defining flowing flower or animal shapes or complex geometric color fractals. Frank Lloyd Wright designed Arts and Crafts style "light screens" with zinc leading around linear glass panels. Some are clear, some are solid color and some picture abstract plants.

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