What Is a Niagara Toilet?


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Niagara toilets are made by the high-efficiency appliance company Niagara. They are designed to use a minimal amount of water while still remaining functional and attractive. Niagara makes three different models of toilet: Stealth, Flapperless and Dual Flush. The company promises that its toilets drastically reduce the amount of water used in the bathroom, cutting water bills and making houses more ecologically friendly.

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Niagara toilets work using a hydraulic system that uses pressurized air to force water downward. This cuts back on the amount of water that needs to be funneled into the toilet bowl for each flush. It also makes the toilet quieter, eliminating the loud sound that accompanies water being forcibly sucked down the toilet. The highest selling Niagara toilet is the Dual Flush model. Rather than having a single flush handle, these toilets have two settings: one for getting rid of water waste and another for flushing solid waste. The first setting uses drastically less water than the second.

The Niagara Conservation Corporation has been in business for over 30 years. The corporation makes a variety of products for the home that are designed to reduce energy and water usage. The company is headquartered out of Fort Worth, Texas.

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