How Do Newmac Wood Furnaces Work?

How Do Newmac Wood Furnaces Work?

There are six types of Newmac wood furnaces, as of February 2015, and each works by burning wood. Newmac makes three models and has an Environmental Protection Agency-certified version of each model, which satisfies the EPA's requirements for emissions and efficiency.

Although each Newmac wood furnace is similar in that they each burn the same type of fuel, there are a few differences in the way the heat is dispersed, the specific uses for each model and the sizes available for purchase. Below are the main categories to consider when selecting a stove.

The NS220 Status Stove has a non-electric control to adjust heat, a flip top cover for cooking foods, and can heat up to five average sized rooms. It disperses heat toward the front and the sides.

The NCM Classic II Stoves have all of the options that the NS220 has with the added option for outside air intake which is desirable for mobile home use. These stoves come in an optional baked enamel finish and decorative screen for added charm. Air is circulated at floor level for added comfort and warmth.

The EPA-certified versions of the Newmac wood furnaces feature automatic thermostat control and adjustable primary air control for burn rate and room temperature.