What Are Some New and Retired Tom Clark Gnomes?

Current catalogue Tom Clark gnomes include Draculeah, Akorn, Aunt Potty and Sherwood as of 2015. Among the retired gnomes are Lilibet, Jennie and Olympia. Artist Tom Clark has been creating the gnome figurines since 1978 and has an extensive catalogue.

Draculeah was released in 2010 and is a Halloween gnome. She has a pointed, purple witch hat, fangs and carries a Romanian coin around her waist.

Akorn is a male gnome with an orange hat and green vest. This figure features a base with acorns from a variety of tree species. Among the various acorns is one from a California eucalyptus, representing Will Rodger's ranch.

Aunt Potty is a female gnome with a red hat and green and orange skirt, released in 2004. The figure is depicted carrying a pot that features two smaller gnomes. Aunt Potty is said to look after potted plants and the smaller gnomes are her helpers.

Sherwood, also released in 2004, is an older male gnome with a brown cap, blue vest and two red shoulder bags. This figure is a forest gnome and features a five-pence Great Britain coin in its base.

Lilibet is a small girl gnome with a green hat and orange dress seated on a turtle. Released in 1986, the figurine features a coin with Queen Elizabeth. This gnome was retired on Halloween in 1990.

Jenny is an adult female gnome with a green hat and mauve dress sitting on a turtle. Jenny was released in 1983 and retired in 1989.

Olympia, released in 1992, is an older adult female gnome seated in a pink sneaker. The gnome features a white scarf tied around her head, a green hat and a blue dress. The figurine features a Greek coin and was retired in 1995.