How Do You Neutralize Dog Urine on Grass?


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Neutralize dog urine on grass by diluting the nitrogen in the urine with water. This can be accomplished by watering the grass after the dog urinates or by increasing the amount of water the dog drinks to dilute the urine before it is eliminated from the body.

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Dog urine has a high concentration of nitrogen. When a dog urinates on the lawn, the urine burns the lawn and causes the grass to turn brown. Female dogs urinate all at once in a single spot, sending a steady stream of urine onto the lawn and burning it. Male dogs tend to hike their leg and urinate in small amounts over a wide area, making lawn burn less likely.

Some grasses are more resistant to dog urine. Perennial rye grasses and fescues tend to stand up well to excess nitrogen, while Kentucky bluegrass and Bermuda lawns struggle with excessive nitrogen.

Other problems can mimic the damage caused by dog urine and require different solutions. Before pinpointing dog urine as the culprit causing brown spots in the lawn, check the grass to see if the roots are still attached. If the grass pulls up easily from the soil, it is likely that grub worms are the problem.

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