How Do You Negotiate the Price of a Refrigerator?


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Negotiating the price of a refrigerator is possible using prices for the same appliance at a competitor, or even on the store's website. Asking for a discount when paying cash is another way to walk out the door with a refrigerator at a significant cut off the listed retail price.

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Many stores offer refrigerators for less through their websites than they charge at their retail locations. The overhead costs at a retail location are higher, as the stores have to pay wages, utilities, rent and other costs for maintaining the store. These are in addition to what they pay to maintain their warehouses and shipping departments. However, customers who go into a retail location and ask for the online price often get that discount without having to wait for shipping.

Another negotiation strategy involves finding the price that a competitor charges for the same refrigerator, either online or at a brick-and-mortar location. Many retailers match those competing prices for the simple fact that getting a sale is better than losing one. Still another strategy takes a little more courage from the customer -- asking for a discount. Customers who walk in with cash can often get a discount up to 15 percent on a refrigerator or other purchase simply by asking.

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