What Are the Negative Reviews for NutriBullet?

What Are the Negative Reviews for NutriBullet?

Negative reviews about the NutriBullet blender system commonly complain of parts breaking, the device leaking and other manufacturer's defects. Customer service and performance issues are other subjects of negative reviews for NutriBullet.

NutriBullet blender system consumer reviews are available on the Magic Bullet NutriBullet website, and retail websites like Amazon.com and Walmart.com. Some negative reviews of the NutriBullet complain of parts such as the extractor blades and cup rings breaking after a short period of use.

Other complaints mention leaking, poor blending performance and generally poor construction of the NutriBullet blending system. These performance issues frequently occur after a short period of use with high-quality performance, suggesting that the seal and blade weaken over time.

The device is made of mostly plastic parts that are not dishwasher-safe and are not suitable to use with hot beverages. Some users also complain that the device is hard to clean and difficult to assemble correctly.

Customers complain of customer service problems when contacting the company about product issues. The product comes with a one-year warranty, but some customers complain of not receiving replacement parts even when the product was still under warranty. Some reviews complain of the service quality and attitude of company representatives.