What Needs to Be Used to Remove Gorilla Glue?

While there are no cleaning products that are effective for removing Gorilla Glue, cured glue can be removed from surfaces with a scraper, chisel or sandpaper. Gorilla Glue cannot be removed from clothing easily, often ruining garments, so the manufacturer recommends wearing old or protective clothing when using the product.

If the 100 percent waterproof Gorilla Glue comes in contact with the skin, a paper towel or dry cloth can be used to remove the glue while it is still tacky. Often a gritty exfoliator or soap is required to remove the glue from the skin if it has cured, but the glue can temporarily stain the skin. The manufacturer advises against using alcohol or acetone to remove Gorilla Glue because it depletes the skin of natural oils and makes it more probable for the glue to stick to the skin.

The Gorilla Epoxy product is solvent resistant. Once cured, it is very difficult to remove. Acetone can be used to soften the dried glue, but sanding or scraping is often required to fully remove dried epoxy from a surface.

Gorilla Super Glue can bond skin instantly and requires the use of protective gloves to avoid exposure. If skin contact does occur, soak the bonded area in acetone or warm water with soap and gently wiggle the area, never pulling it apart. Gorilla Epoxy and Gorilla Wood Glue can be removed from the skin with soap and water.