What Is Needed for Building a Shed?


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Anyone planning to build a shed needs quality lumber and plywood, roofing materials, hardware parts such as nails and hinges, and building tools such as a hammer, screwdrivers, a saw, a meter, a framing square, line, stakes and a level. A carefully devised construction plan is vital; shed construction plans are easily obtained from home improvement stores.

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Lumber and plywood must be pressure-treated to ensure that the shed has a long life free from decay and bug infestation. Purchase enough lumber for the shed's frame, plus the amount of plywood needed for the walls and floors. Building the shelter requires screws, nails, hinges and other pieces of hardware. Wooden skids can be used as a foundation, especially if there are plans to move the shed somewhere else in the future. If the shed is to stay where it is built on a permanent basis, instead opt for cables that can be tied down or simple wooden posts to anchor the shed.

The roof system should consist of a roof underlay, a wood sheathing and a durable exterior. Asphalt shingles or corrugated iron are good alternatives for the roof. A good roof system must also have drip edges or gutters made of metal pieces.

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