Do You Need a Plumber to Replace a Water Line?


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In most places, in order to replace a water supply line, a plumbing permit is required. Without a plumbing permit, a plumber will be needed. Check with local building authorities to learn more about what is required during the process.

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Normally, a plumbing permit is required in order to cut into a water supply line, states IrrigationTutorials.com. If a plumbing permit is not required, then when carrying out a plumbing line replacement, first call 811. This free service advises digging projects of the location of utility lines below ground in order to prevent harm to people or disruption to services. An 811 service provider will come out and mark the location of utility lines before work begins.

If working on a water line, ensure no dirt enters it, as this carries water for drinking, cleaning and other family tasks into the home. Sterilize new pipes before using water from them for drinking; sterilizing products are available at hardware stores. Work on a water supply line will require it to be shut off from the water main line, and this can be done by locating the corporation stop, which is typically near the border of the property. It may be possible for a water company employee to come out, locate and turn off the corporation stop for free.

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