What Do You Need to Keep Chickens in a City?


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It is possible to keep chickens in an urban or suburban setting by following a few specific steps. These steps include exploring the legality of the task, constructing the habitat and then finding an appropriate source of chickens.

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What Do You Need to Keep Chickens in a City?
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  1. Verify that it is legal to keep chickens in a specific area
  2. Some cities and towns have local ordinances that specifically ban people from keeping chickens on their property. Those who want to keep chickens in their yards should first make sure that the practice is legal.

  3. Construct a chicken habitat
  4. Prospective chicken owners should first construct a safe and healthy place for their poultry to live. This should take place before the chickens are purchased. Chicken coop plans are available for those who would like to build their own, but it is also possible to purchase a fully constructed coop. The coop will need to provide adequate space and ventilation to allow for maximum chicken health.

  5. Find a source for buying chicks or hens
  6. Those who live in cities where chicken keeping is a popular endeavor may have an easier time finding a source to buy backyard chickens. It can be difficult to determine a chick's sex, but those who live in areas where it is illegal to keep roosters may want to try to ensure they don't have a male chick in their group.

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