What Do You Need for Furniture Reupholstery?


Reupholstering furniture can be a simple process with the right tools. Sharp scissors, welting, a glue gun and cotton batting are required for most jobs. Needle nose pliers, new fabric, a rubber mallet and a staple gun or upholstery tacks are additional tools that allow the project to be completed with minimum fuss. For larger jobs, another person may be necessary to help maneuver the furniture.

To avoid the cost of professional reupholstery and to save a well-loved piece of furniture, many choose to attempt reupholstery themselves. With a little practice, even amateurs can achieve professional-looking results.

The choice of fabric has a big impact on the final results. Upholstery fabric is thicker than other fabric and more stain resistant. Though it is the best fabric for reupholstery, beginners should choose a lightweight upholstery fabric since it is easier to handle.

Furniture repairs and an inspection of the springs and other structures should be completed before fabric is applied. If the batting is worn, it should be stripped from the furniture and replaced. If the old fabric is carefully removed, it can be used as a template for the new pieces. All fabric should be stretched taut before stapling it down. Welting can be applied if necessary to cover the seams.