What Do You Need to Know When Digging up Asiatic Lily Bulbs?


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When digging up Asiatic lily bulbs, dig down 12 inches and several inches around the plant to gather all the bulblets. Separate bulblets from the larger bulb, and replant both the large and small bulbs. If the bulblet is firmly attached to the larger bulb, do not separate it. Do not allow the bulbs to remain out of the ground for too long. To ensure the bulbs are quickly transplanted, dig up and transplant one bulb at a time.

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Before digging the bulb up, cut the flowering stem off at ground level. Rinse the bulb, and remove the outside scales before replanting it. If the bulblets are too small, place the entire plant, including the stem, on its side in the prepared trench, and cover the plant with 2 inches of soil. In spring, replant the bulb as usual.

If the bulblets are large enough to plant, cut the stem off above the bulb, and plant the bulblets under 2 inches of soil in the center of the prepared trench. In spring, remove 1 inch of soil to allow new shoots to emerge easily. Bury larger bulbs 5 to 6 inches deep. In regions with very cold winters, store the bulbs indoors until the danger of frost passes.

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