How Do You Know If You Need to Change Your Security Alarm Batteries?

How Do You Know If You Need to Change Your Security Alarm Batteries?

Homeowners can usually tell if it is time to replace the batteries in a home security system when the keypad beeps. Although all security systems are different, this is the most common symptom of batteries dying.

Most home security systems perform automatic battery tests each day, at about the same time. If the batteries in the system are low, the keypad may beep. Another thing that might indicate a low battery is a false alarm that happens frequently.

Check a security system's battery status by looking at the alarm panel. Many have keypad trouble lights that will flash and if the system has a LCD display, look for a symbol similar to "Low Batt" or "LB." If all else fails, check the alarm system's users manual. The user's manual references system trouble codes.

Avoid dealing with a dead or dying battery by changing out the batteries every year or two. Directions for changing a battery are found in the user's manual or online. Some alarm systems also make it easy to check the status of its batteries, but again, check the user's manual on how to do that.

Security alarm battery power is essential to keeping the system working in the event of a power outage and homeowners should never fail to make sure the batteries are working properly.