What Do You Need to Build Your Own Cabin?


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The things needed to build your own cabin include construction permits, foundation material, framing lumber, electrical and plumbing materials, and finishing materials. Hardware such as nails, screws and brackets; tools including saws, hammers, drivers and levels; windows; doors; and any desired appliances and furniture are also necessary to build your own cabin.

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Most cabin builds utilize a simple concrete slab foundation. A strong foundation constructed from the correct type of concrete mix is necessary for a long-lasting and sturdy cabin build. A cabin is framed and sheathed the same way that a full-size house following construction code is framed and utilizes many of the same types and cuts of wood, including rot-resistant beams, sheets of plywood and oriented strand board. A cabin built upon a concrete foundation is bolted to the foundation using J-bolts and may include other safety features such as hurricane and earthquake straps depending on the region and building regulations.

The electrical systems for a cabin may be powered by a standard connection to the power grid or an off-grid alternative energy electrical system. A properly wired breaker box is necessary to route the incoming electricity to each circuit. The plumbing of the cabin is dependent on the needs of the occupant and local building regulations and may include a hot water heater tank or tankless hot water heating system, well water pump or municipal water hookup, and fixtures such as sinks, bathtubs and showers.

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