What Do You Need to Assemble an A-Frame Home Building Kit?

In order to assemble an A-frame home building kit, acquire the kit with the raw materials and basic assembly instructions, the land and foundation where the home will be assembled, and gather the tools to assemble the home including basic building tools such as a drill, hammer, wrench, circular saw and ladder. Assembly of an A-frame structure requires installing a simplistic series of pitched triangles joined at the floor and secured with the rafters. Although the roofing angles' degree can be modified to change the shape, generally they are 60 degrees.

An A-frame structure is one of the sturdiest and simplest designs. The skeleton of the home is made up of a series of angled beams that extend from floor to ceiling and are attached along a top crossbeam. To assemble an A-frame building kit, inventory and sort the raw materials, and read through the instructions, making any necessary adjustments to customize the building plan. If modifications are desired, make any cuts to the joints and rafters. A basic structure calls for rafter and joist lengths to be 16 feet long with 60-degree rafter-to-joist angles and 30-degree rafter-to-rafter angles.

Assemble and erect the A-frame triangles in accordance with the kit instructions and measurements, installing insulation between the floor joists, rafters and wall studs. A deck, railing and stairs can be added as a finishing touch.