How Do You Naturally Get Rid of House Mice?

How Do You Naturally Get Rid of House Mice?

How Do You Naturally Get Rid of House Mice?

Naturally remove mice from your home by spreading peppermint scent around the house, utilizing repellent sounds and deterring mice from staying. Mouse traps can be messy and cruel and poisons can be harmful to pets and humans, but natural alternatives can be effective to rid your house of mice.

  1. Spread the smell of peppermint

    Mice hate the smell of peppermint. Pour peppermint essential oil onto cotton balls and place them around the house or apartment. Be strategic with placement, and focus the peppermint scent on areas where mice have chewed through food containers or left feces.

  2. Use repellent sound devices

    Purchase plug-in electronic devices that radiate sound waves that greatly annoy mice. Use the manufacturer's advice on how many devices are needed for the size of your home. The sounds cannot be heard by humans but can drive mice away in one to two days.

  3. Deter the mice from staying

    Take time each night to wipe down the counters and sweep the kitchen floor. Keep pet food, human food and garbage in heavy plastic or metal bins as mice can chew through cardboard boxes. Ensure that no holes exist to let mice in the house. Mice can squeeze through dime-sized holes, so be diligent in your search for possible entrances for pests.