Are There Natural Ways to Get Rid of Skunks?


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The best way natural ways to get rid of skunks are to change the environment where the skunk is by removing convenient places for skunks to build dens, by removing possible food sources, by not overwatering the lawn and by repacking the skunk's den as a mild form of harassment. These methods will irritate the skunk and make it interested in finding a new place to live and look for food.

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Are There Natural Ways to Get Rid of Skunks?
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Luckily for homeowners, skunks are easygoing and do not like to approach people. By taking steps to minimize the attraction of a homeowner's yard and space to the skunk, the skunk will most likely move on to the next area within a day or two. Skunks like to build dens under woodpiles and around sheds or concrete porches. It can help homeowners keep skunks away if these areas are filled in so that it is impossible to create a den beneath them.

Skunks are also always on the lookout for food, so when homeowners take in the pet food and keep trash secure as well as out of sight, skunks are less likely to come over to the home. Skunks also like moist soil because it makes it easy to dig for food, so homeowners should be careful not to overwater their lawns.

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