What Are Some Natural Ways to Get Rid of Roaches?


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Some natural ways to get rid of roaches include maintaining house cleanliness and killing the roaches with a hedge apple. The use of diatomaceous earth and a cockroach trap also help kill roaches naturally.

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What Are Some Natural Ways to Get Rid of Roaches?
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Cleaning the house reduces the chances of roach infestation by denying them access to food. Cleaning involves washing the house utensils to remove any food remains and clearing the kitchen of any foodstuff remnants. Covering any food that has yet to be eaten also denies the roaches access.

A hedge apple is an attractive killer of the roaches, despite having no negative effects on humans and animals. The application of hedge apples in killing roaches involves piecing the fruits in halves and placing the pieces in various vulnerable parts of the house such as the kitchen and basement, and allowing the roaches to feast on the fruits.

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