What Are Natural Ways to Repel Stink Bugs?


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Individuals can naturally ward off stink bugs by removing potential hiding places from gardens, sealing off entryways and openings into the home, and using aromatic repellents, such as cedar spray and scented dryer sheets. Attracting praying mantises, ladybugs and other natural stink bug predators to gardens can also limit stink bug infestations.

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To repel stink bugs without using chemicals, individuals should keep gardens and surrounding areas clean and free of weeds and overgrowth. Stink bugs often use these, along with old wood and other natural materials, as hiding places.

Gardeners can apply natural repellents to plants to prevent stink bugs from laying eggs or feeding on leaves. Mineral clay, one such repellent, is safe for use even on edible plants, and it washes off easily. If stink bugs are a problem in the home, individuals can use cedar sprays as an indoor repellent, or use pheremone sprays outside the home's perimeter to lure stink bugs away.

Closing potential entryways can help prevent indoor stink bug infestations. Individuals should ensure all doors and windows are closed or covered with screens. Rubbing window screens and frames with scented dryer sheets can also help ward off stink bugs. Stink bugs are attracted to light, so closing curtains and shades as well as windows and doors can also help homeowners avoid indoor infestations.

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