What Are Some Natural Ways to Eliminate Bees and Wasps?


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To eliminate bees and wasps without using pesticides, determine the type of wasp or bee that is present, and locate the nest. Use soapy water or peppermint oil to kill wasps located in the ground, or place traps in the affected areas of the property to capture small wasp populations. Eliminate aerial nests by placing the nests and branches in a garbage bag. If honeybees are present, contact a local beekeeper for assistance.

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When treating wasp or bee nests, wear protective clothing to prevent stings, and treat the nest at night when the wasps are less active. To treat ground nests with soapy water, combine 3/4 cup liquid dish washing detergent and 1 gallon water in a garden sprayer, and pour the mixture into the nest entrance after dark.

Another option is to mix 30 drops of peppermint essential oil with 2 cups of water, and pour the mixture into the nest entrance.

To remove an aerial nest, such as a nest hanging from a branch, place a garbage bag over the nest, and cut the branch off above the nest. Tie the bag closed quickly, and place the garbage bag in a bucket of water overnight. When using traps, place bait, such as tuna, in the trap before placing it in the affected area to attract the wasps to the trap, and replace the bait frequently.

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