What Are Some Natural Ways to Control Pests?


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Natural pest control methods include maintaining a clean and dry environment, utilizing jar and pheromone traps, and spraying insects with a soap-and-water mixture. Other non-toxic ways of dealing with pests include using crushed mint or teabags to deter ants and placing bread soaked in beer in an empty coffee can to create a roach trap.

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Treating cracks and crevices with boric acid, using tamper-resistant bait boxes to trap larger insects and rodents and using a solution of fatty-acid soap and water to kill soft-bodied insects such as mites and caterpillars are also effective natural pest-control methods. Using citric acid or cedar shampoo or adding a mixture of brewer's yeast and garlic to pet food are all-natural ways of dealing with a flea infestation.

Removing all sources of standing water and keeping eaves troughs clean and well drained can help reduce mosquito populations. Adding sage or rosemary to barbecue coals is another way of keeping outdoor environments free of mosquitoes and other flying insects. Citronella oil is another all-natural product that functions as a mosquito repellent. In addition, break off a stalk of Thai lemon grass, peel the outer leaves and rub the plant mass vigorously between the palms to create a natural mosquito repellent suitable for applying on areas of exposed skin.

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