What Are Some Natural Ways to Control Lawn Grubs?


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Some natural ways to control lawn grubs include growing milky spore in the lawn, adding nematodes to the area and practicing proper irrigation. Of these methods, milky spore is the hardest to enact, since it takes a few years for it to become fully established in the soil. Moreover, when using milky spore to control lawn grubs, chemical grub control methods cannot be used, since it requires some healthy grubs to thrive.

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What Are Some Natural Ways to Control Lawn Grubs?
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Microscopic worms that live in the soil, known as nematodes, can be beneficial in controlling lawn grub populations. These worms seek out lawn grubs, enter the bodies of the grubs, and release a deadly bacteria that kills the grubs. Two major nematode species to consider for law grub control include heterorhabditis spp and steinernema spp, both of which are equally deadly to grubs. Gardeners apply the worms live, so choose a vital strain when purchasing them to ensure that they do their job effectively.

Irrigation techniques can also work to control populations of grubs in the lawn. Grubs love a moist environment, so when soil is moist, they thrive. In dry years, withholding water from the lawn in hot months may kill off grub species, particularly in hardy lawns that recover quickly from drought.

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