Is There a Natural Way to Kill Roaches?


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Natural methods of killing cockroaches include baiting and trapping them, eliminating sources of shelter, moisture and mildew, and setting out mixtures of baking soda and water. Cockroaches may enter homes from several sources, such as in suitcases and bags or from structural deficiencies like cracks and holes in the walls. Although difficult to eradicate, depriving cockroaches of hiding places, food and darkness can help get rid of them.

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Is There a Natural Way to Kill Roaches?
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One method for removing cockroaches involves thoroughly cleaning surfaces, appliances and cutlery. Although cockroaches may infest all rooms, they appear most frequently in kitchens and bathrooms. Scrubbing kitchen counters, stoves and microwaves, sweeping the floor and removing crumbs and food debris discourages roaches. Fixing leaking pipes and drying all surfaces in the bathroom reduces roach-attracting moisture and humidity.

To kill roaches more quickly, create a simple but effective toxic mixture using just water and baking soda. The combination of these common elements, though harmless to humans, is lethal to cockroaches. Setting baits of plates or bowls with food and covered with petroleum jelly acts as a trap; hungry roaches gravitate toward the food but get stuck in the jelly. Put the dead roaches outside or vacuum the remains for easy removal.

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