What Are Some Natural Remedies for Cluster Flies?


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A mechanical barrier, a homemade fly trap and white wine are some natural remedies for cluster flies. Cluster fly infestations are hard to get out, so sealing any cracks around baseboards, windows or other areas that let air in is the best way to keep the flies out.

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If cluster flies get into the house, it is not recommended to use insecticides because it may kill thousands of flies inside of the walls, which can attract other pests. Homemade fly traps can be built by several methods, including putting fruit in a two-liter soda bottle and inverting it so when the flies go in they can't get out of the neck. Fly strip traps can be made by boiling corn syrup, sugar and water, smearing the sticky substance on strips of brown paper bags and hanging them around the house.

Flies are also attracted to the sugars in white wine, so placing several bowls or glasses around the house can catch many cluster flies as well.

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