What Are Some Natural Pest Solutions?


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To keep pests at bay, the Natural Resources Defense Council says that the individual should keep the living space clean and dry. This includes wiping up spills, washing dishes, taking out the trash, keeping food containers tightly sealed, and sweeping and vacuuming floors as needed.

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Although there are many natural pest solutions, the NRDC recommends that prevention methods should always be tried first. While using a less toxic pesticide is a viable alternative, it doesn't address the underlying cause of the pest problem. In addition to the above tips, fix leaky faucets and repair any areas that allow water to accumulate. Use caulk to seal cracks in molding, baseboards, cupboards, pipes and other areas that might welcome pests. Repair any holes that lead to the outside.

If prevention methods don't work, try using a swatter or laying traps, such as flytraps, to catch them. Alternatively, lay tamper-resistant bait boxes, which are safer than chemical sprays. For a natural alternative to pesticides, consider spreading boric acid over key entry points. This chemical slowly poisons insects but is not as toxic to humans. In addition, insecticidal soaps are useful for killing caterpillars, mites, fleas and other soft-bodied insects.

When using any pesticide, be sure to read the directions and precautions carefully.

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