What Are Some Natural Pest Control Methods for Silverfish Bugs?


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To get rid of silverfish bugs, use sticky traps or put out deterrents like cedar. Silverfish hate the smell of cedar, so putting cedar shakes or spraying cedar oil in cracks and crevices of the house is a good way to keep them away.

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Sticky traps are a good way to get the silverfish bugs to come out of their hiding place. Once they step on the trap, the bugs are unable to move. From there, it is possible to dispose of them. Another way to get rid of silverfish bugs is by attempting to trap them in a jar. This is a good method if the goal is to trap them and place them outside without harming them.

Once the bugs are on the glue trap, there is no way to remove them without killing them. With the jar method, put bread or another starchy food inside of the jar, and cover the top with masking tape, leaving enough space for the bugs to get inside. Silverfish can get inside to get the food, but can’t get out. Bring the jar outside and let them go.

To keep silverfish out of the home in the future, keep the humidity level inside at a reasonable level. Silverfish are drawn to humidity and moisture. Try to prevent pools of water in the kitchen, bathroom and basement, and seal up all holes and cracks in the home’s foundation.

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