What Are Some Natural Mole Repellents?

What Are Some Natural Mole Repellents?

Natural ways to get rid of moles include planting vegetative barriers, minimizing watering the lawn, removing the moles' food source and creating a homemade chemical mole repellent. Homeowners are advised to contact a professional exterminator if natural remedies are not sufficient.

Some plants, such as daffodils, alliums, marigolds and castor beans, are natural mole repellents. These plants can be planted around the problem areas to create a barrier. Moles find the smell of these plants offensive. These plants also add aesthetic value to the yard. However, the castor bean plant is considered poisonous, and should not be used around homes with small children or pets.

Reducing the amount of water used when watering the yard helps eradicate moles. This is because excessive water causes mole tunnels to rise nearer to the lawn surface, giving the moles easy access to the yard. Heavy rains and storms can also naturally eradicate the mole problem.

Homeowners can also limit the moles’ food supply to eradicate them naturally. Observe their feeding habits and preferred insects, such as grub worms, and focus on eradicating these insects instead of the moles themselves.

A homemade chemical mole repellent is another effective way to get rid of moles. Mix 2 tablespoons of dish soap, 6 ounces of castor oil and 1 gallon of water into a large spray bottle, and spray the lawn. Castor oil is a common ingredient in many mole repellents. The repellent should be re-applied after watering or rain.