What Is a Natural Mold Removal Solution?


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Vinegar, tea tree oil and vodka are natural solutions for removing mold, according to Huffington Post. Vinegar is a natural antimicrobial substance, whereas tea tree oil is a natural fungicide that also emits a pleasant medicinal fragrance.

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What Is a Natural Mold Removal Solution?
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Pour vinegar into a spray bottle without diluting the liquid to get rid of mold, says Huffington Post. Splash some vinegar on moldy areas, and leave the sprayed mold growth for a few minutes. Use a piece of cloth or a sponge to wipe the moldy surfaces thoroughly afterward. Apply vinegar repeatedly until the mold disappears.

To use tea tree oil, put 10 drops of the oil in a spray bottle that is filled with water, Huffington Post recommends. Spritz some oil on surfaces covered with mold. Allow the mixture to soak up the mold for a while before cleaning the surfaces. Alternatively, fill the spray bottle with vodka, and repeat the same procedure.

Keeping the house dry is important to prevent mold growth, as molds thrive in warm, moist environments, especially bathrooms and damp basements, notes Huffington Post. Control moisture by fixing leaks and plumbing problems, using a dehumidifier and cleaning air conditioning drip pans. Open windows and doors to let in fresh air. It’s also essential to clean spilled liquids quickly and to keep clothing items dry.

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