What Is Natural Grub Control?

Natural grub control uses non-toxic methods to try to get rid of grubs in a lawn or garden. Non-toxic, natural grub killers include milky spore, nematodes and homemade solutions like lemon juice or tobacco.

Milky spore works against Japanese beetle grubs and other white grubs. When grubs ingest milky spore, they are infested by bacteria which kill them within one to three weeks. Nematodes are parasites which attack grubs but leave plants alone; they start to work within two days.

A homemade grub killer can be made by mixing mouthwash, dishwashing detergent, water and lemon juice. This solution can work on its own, but is made more potent by adding boiling water that has been poured over chewing tobacco; the nicotine in the tobacco works as an insecticide.