Are Natural Gas Stoves More or Less Convenient Than Electric Stoves?


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Whether natural gas stoves are more or less convenient than electric stoves depends on how much the buyer is looking to spend, the current cost of natural gas compared to electricity and if there is a gas line already in place. Personal circumstances also make a difference.

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While natural gas stoves are more expensive than electric stoves, gas stoves are usually cheaper to operate in the long run. Gas ranges also offer more heat and allow for more precise heat adjustment when compared to electric ranges. Another advantage of heat from gas stoves is that it cooks food faster because the heat is evenly applied to the sides and the bottom of the cookware. Gas stoves also emit less ambient heat throughout the cooking area. One of the biggest disadvantages of gas stoves is that there's the potential for a gas leak.

Electric stoves are easier to clean than gas stoves and are better able to accommodate pots due to the smooth top. Electric ranges are more reliable and efficient when compared to gas, which may not always catch the first time a stove is turned on. Electric stoves also come with more functions.

Disadvantages of electric ranges include they're vulnerable to power outages and are slower to cool than gas ranges.

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