What are the Natural Gas rates in Ohio, as of 2015?


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As of July 2015, the natural gas prices in Ohio were an average of $3.98 for the citygate price, $23.83 for the residential price and $8.14 for the commercial price. The average industrial price was $6.43.

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Some of the natural gas rates in Ohio went up in 2015, while other prices went down. For example, the citygate price went down from $4.78 in February 2015 to $3.98 in June 2015. On the other hand, the residential price has a steep increase from $7.53 in February 2015 to $23.83 in July 2015. The commercial price went up and down slightly, but not by much. In February, March and April, it only went up and down by a few cents, though it did go up a bit further by July.

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