What Is a Natural Gas Chart?


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A natural gas chart shows the price of natural gas stocks over time. The charts may be static or dynamic, depending on the company and the purpose. Most natural gas charts use a candlestick format, with the price on the Y axis and the date or time on the X axis. Each individual candlestick shows the price changes over a full day.

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What Is a Natural Gas Chart?
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Investors use natural gas charts to track price behavior over time. Real-time streaming charts, like the one offered at Investing.com, shows how the price of natural gas futures change from minute to minute. Users can opt to watch the streaming chart or set a specific date range using the buttons on the bottom of the chart. Other charts, such as the Financial Visualizations natural gas chart, show the price change from month to month. This large-scale view gives investors an idea of the overall price trends over a year or more.

Like other financial charts, natural gas charts use a candlestick chart to show the range of prices over a specific period. Larger candlesticks indicates dramatic price swings. Investors may correlate large swings to industry or world events. When viewed over a large period of time, the candlestick chart resembles a line graph, making it a useful tool for tracking patterns.

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