How Do Natural Gas Boilers Compare With Electric Boilers?


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Using gas boilers to heat the home is less expensive than using electric boilers. As of 2015, a gas boiler uses gas as the primary fuel source, which is cheaper than electricity. However, gas boilers have a higher upfront cost. Combined with installation, gas boilers can become an expensive purchase.

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Although gas and electric boilers generate the same amount of heat, a gas boiler uses less energy, which reduces utility bills. In most cases, a gas furnace only costs more to install than electric boiler when a gas line is unavailable. Many homes have an available gas line, and installing a gas boiler in these homes is a less complicated process. However, some locations are isolated and lack a gas line. Additionally, gas may not be available in certain areas. For these instances, an electric boiler provides the best alternative to heat the home.

In regard to the size of the boiler, gas boilers are generally larger than electric boilers. For small areas or tight spaces, the smallest type of boiler available is the tankless electric heater. Another notable difference between gas and electric boilers is that an electric boiler can generate heat more quickly than a gas boiler. However, gas boilers are more durable and have a longer life span.

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