What Are the Best Natural Cat Repellents?


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Individuals who struggle with cats using garden beds as litter boxes can repel the animals by planting particular types of plants, using scent based repellents or adding sprinklers to the area, says About.com. It may also be possible to deter felines by mulching with certain materials.

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What Are the Best Natural Cat Repellents?
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Felines are very sensitive to scent and avoid specific plants including lavender, pennyroyal, rue and coleus canina or "scaredy cat plant." Gardeners can landscape their beds with a border of these plants to deter feline invaders, according to About.com

Cats will also avoid areas where they detect the scent of citrus, chili peppers or a predator, says About.com. Gardeners can place orange peels or citrus essential oils around their garden, spray the area with a chili pepper spray or use a commercial product made from the urine of predatory animals such as "Shake Away," says Better Homes and Gardens.

Cats typically dislike water, making sprinklers another excellent natural deterrent, according to About.com. Some commercial sprinklers are built with motion sensors, so they turn on when an animal enters the garden. After being startled by spraying water, cats are unlikely to return to the area.

Cats who are using a garden bed as a litter box are choosing the location due to the soft, loose soil in the area. Gardeners may find that adding a top layer of decorative rock makes the garden bed less appealing to neighborhood felines, states About.com

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