What Are Some Native Wetland Plants?


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Some native wetland plants include arrow arum, soft rush, pickerelweed, marsh hibiscus and button bush. Specific wetland plants differ according to whether the wetland is a marsh, swamp, bog or fen. These plants also vary depending on the type of water system, be it a marine, lacustrine, estuarine or riverine system. Plants that thrive in marine wetlands are adapted to salt water, while riverine wetland plants need fresh water.

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Reed grass is a plant native to temperate freshwater or brackish wetlands, meaning it can grow in lake wetlands or estuarine wetlands, which are slightly salty bodies of water found at a river's mouth. This grass boasts mild green foliage during the summer and purple foliage in the fall.

Marsh hibiscus grows in tidal freshwater marshes or wooded wetlands and swamps. This plant grows large white and red flowers. Related to the marsh hibiscus is the marsh mallow, a plant that can also grow in brackish water and has small pink flowers.

Lake bank sedge grows in marshes on the edges of lakes. It has blue-green foliage and greenish-white flowers. Saltmeadow rush grows in the tidal wetland zones along oceans or in the brackish water of estuaries. This green plant has brown blooms.

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