What Is the National Grid Gas Conversion?


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National Grid gas conversion is a program that incentivizes customers of the utility company currently heating homes with various types of energy to switch to heating via natural gas in order to lower monthly bills and reduce environmental impact. The program is only available to homeowners that reside in the National Grid service area and may require additional modifications to the home to put into effect.

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The key element of the National Grid gas conversion program is encouraging customers to move off of heating through oil, propane or similar sources and begin using its supply of natural gas. The process begins with customers contacting the company to request a home evaluation to determine if the conversion is possible, as it involves running a pipeline from the main natural gas supply to the property. If National Grid is able to offer service to a home, the homeowner also needs to choose a plumber to handle the installation of the gas connectors in the home and set them up with the necessary appliances.

National Grid offers an incentive program with the conversion that covers the installation of the natural gas meter and the service line, though it does not pay for any work done by private plumbers. After the installation is complete, the plumber or National Grid may inspect the property a final time or help the homeowner remove the old heating tanks.

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