What Are the Names of Recycled Lumber Products?

Greenwood, produced by Eagle One; Bear Board, a product of Bear Board Engineered Plastic; and RPI plastic lumber, available from Recycled Plastics Industries, are among recycled lumber product names. Fiberforce, Selectforce and Barforce are recycled plastic lumber products manufactured by Bedford Technology for the commercial market. Poly plastic lumber and King plastic recycled landscape timbers and railroad ties are among the recycled lumber products manufactured by Markstaar. Each of these recycled lumber products is manufactured from recycled high-density polyethylene.

Ten pounds of Greenwood recycled lumber contains more than 400 one-gallon milk jugs, which, according to Eagle One, means Greenwood is 50 percent denser than other recycled lumber products. Bear Board recycled lumber includes a mineral additive said to make the lumber stronger than other products and to lessen the expansion and contraction that are common with recycled plastic lumber. RPI plastic lumber is available for residential and commercial uses, and the manufacturer tests for density, water absorption, elasticity and other mechanical properties against American Society for Testing and Materials standards, publishing test results on its website.

It is not possible to stain or paint recycled lumber products, but most come in a variety of colors and include an ultra-violet impediment to limit fading. Recycled lumber requires little, if any, regular maintenance, and most products are cleaned using soap and water.