What Are Some Names of Plants With Red Flowers?

What Are Some Names of Plants With Red Flowers?

Some common plants that have red flowers include the voodoo, Princess Oxana, strawberry seduction, coveralls and mighty red quin. These and other red flowering plants vary in size and shape and make a colorful addition to gardens and landscapes.

The Abutilon voodoo plant is best known as the voodoo flowering maple. This plant grows to around 72 inches tall and performs well in many different climates. It produces large red flowers that hang from the stems of the plant.

The Princess Oxana plant grows to be around 10 inches tall and grows well as a potted plant or as part of a garden. It tends to flower in the hottest part of the summer and looks very pretty in a rock garden or in bright summer containers.

Strawberry seduction grows to be two feet tall and produces clusters of flowers resembling strawberries. It begins flowering in June and produces flowers throughout the summer.

The coveralls is a large plant reaching heights of up to three feet. This fast-growing plant has unique red flowers and is part of the ginger family. The flowers are held by long upright stalks.

One of the tallest plants on this list, the mighty red quin grows to be up to 48 inches tall and produces pink to red flowers in the late spring and early summer months. This plant grows best in moist soil.

Other plants that produce red flowers include roses, Scarlet's hammer, Miss Ruby and Canna Australia.