What Are the Names and Features of Common Flowers?


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Roses, chrysanthemums, sunflowers and zinnias are among the most common and popular flowers. Used in both the floral trade and in landscape design, rose varieties exist for virtually any climate, and come with or without fragrance and in every color except black. Chrysanthemums have flower heads with longer ray flowers surrounding a center of short disk flowers. There are reflexed varieties, with umbrella-shaped downward curving ray flowers and quill types, featuring tubular ray flowers surrounding each bloom's center.

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The blossom of the popular sunflower, like that of the chrysanthemum, is a combination of yellow ray flowers surrounding a center of short, highly compacted disc florets. Only the disc florets are capable of reproduction, and are yellow, orange, maroon, deep brown and black. The sunflower exhibits the plant characteristic of heliotropism, turning its blossom face toward the sun.

An easy-to-grow annual, zinnias bloom from mid-summer until frost. Originally discovered as native wildflowers in the southwest United States, Mexico and Central America, hybridized zinnias feature blooms ranging from a single row of petals to dome-shaped varieties, all in a profusion of colors. Zinnia varieties include both miniatures and giants that grow to nearly 3 feet in height, but regardless of size, zinnia blooms are highly attractive to butterflies.

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