What Are the Names of Some Exotic Flowers?


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Exotic flowers include the Dutch amaryllis, calla lily, Musa and Calathea. Other exotic flowers include the lotus, Equadorian rose, bird of paradise and Oriental lily.

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What Are the Names of Some Exotic Flowers?
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The amaryllis is a very colorful and showy flower native to Central and South America and the Caribbean. Distributed widely around the world, amaryllises come in red, orange, pink and white, and they have narrow, flat leaves with lily-like flowers. Calla lilies, though called lilies, are not true lilies. Calla lily flowers are trumpet-shaped and large, and the roots of the plant are poisonous.

Musas get their name from Antonio Musa who was a physician during the tie of Octavius Augustus. Their spirally-arranged leaves have huge, paddle-shaped leaf blades. Calatheas have lovely, striped leaves with burgundy undersides. They are ideal for removing toxins from the air put there by cleaning products and modern furnishings.

The lotus flower is a beautiful and fragrant flower that opens in the morning and whose petals fall in the afternoon. Generally found in white and pink, lotuses grow in shallow and murky waters. Birds of paradise are often thought of as the symbol for tropical flowers. They get their name from their flower shape, which resembles a bird's break and head plumage.

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